What is Lighthouse Creativity?

Lighthouse Creativity lets you imagine, create and experience with photography; bringing the stories out from behind the lens.

We work to bring all types of life to you digitally with photograph series. Photographs tell a story. A moment passes by in the blink of an eye. With Lighthouse Creativity, we capture that moment and bring the story out from behind the lens. Our audience is the everyday person, who gets up at the sound of alarm clock and goes to bed after all the daily tasks are accomplished. Young, old, male, female, the educated and non-educated. Everybody has a story.

The main purpose of our posts is to inform you about amazing stories of amazing people. We also will provide to you top notch tips in photography as well as share our own insights on what makes a photograph one to remember.

In the digital age, people are taking photographs everywhere and of everything. Some consider themselves as a cell phone photographer. Anyone can take a good photo. You do it with your thumb, but a lasting photograph is with a true DSLR camera, with the proper aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Even better you take it with a tripod to be as still as possible and then you develop it with with a DSLR camera that is over 16 mega-pixel, preferably 32 mega-pixel.

Follow along on this blog to see what’s new. We will be posting regularly.


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