Getting the Click

Selling, retaining customers and return on investment is essential when providing a product in the photography market.

In order to capture the perfect photograph you need to have the perfect equipment. Nikon and Canon are top of line products; Sony coming in a far third. Choosing my favorite and personal use of camera for 5 years; Canon does their web the right way.

Looking at traffic, conversion and revenue maximization you can begin to pick apart their web layout. For any photographer out there who wants to sell their own photos and wants to buy equipment the Canon homepage is a fantastic draw-in. You immediately see a photograph taken from one of their products so you know how well the quality is. No guessing.

As part of Professor’s Pepe class assignment and after viewing his blog where he analyzed the NFL shop you can begin to grasp the magnitude a webpage has on return on investment. Moz is a great website to analyze traffic whether its direct, referral or search. The domain authority is a strong 84 out of 100 and Canon has 589 total links. When you type in into the URL, that is direct traffic and it’s a very simple URL. Canon is smart in doing this and your own webpage should also have a simple URL for direct traffic.

A simply URL may lead to a high conversion because you can easily land on the page. The way Canon is displayed is has a very high ease of use. Since we are focusing on selling a product so you can retain customers and have a strong return on investment. It is a simple two click process to get to the product homepage. You are immediately confronted with a humanized visual of a self photographer, which many of you might be. As a visitor on the page you can scroll through the lists os products and click on what you are looking for. Easy click through rates can provide conversion. Clicks equal conversion which equals purchases.

Revenue maximization depends on conversion. Once you fill up your shopping cart on Canon or allow people to fill up theirs on your own website, the checkout process needs to painless for the consumer. Again, getting to the cart is a 2 click process. The page even gives you an option to pay with PayPal. It’s an extremely easy process and that is what Canon wants you to experience.

In recap, a successful product webpage has a simple click through process, an easy to navigate display and eye popping words to direct you while scrolling. These features give Canon a high conversion rate and allows them to maintain a competitive advantage against Nikon with revenue maximization.



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