A Boost for Your Shoot

Having trouble getting your photo shoots recognized? Or maybe you want more traffic to your photography page! Search Engine Optimization is the way to go! It can be complex, but it can be very useful to you.

As part of Dr. Pepe’s blog and a homework assignment we analyze different ways to approach this issue.

So our main focus is photography, but theres millions of photography pages out there. The first thing I do before I go out on a shoot is plan; plan the living day light out of a photoshoot so you know all the good angles. It’s the same for setting up a website. Plan. Plan. Plan. Google Keyword Planner is the proper tool to use for this!

The word photography generates 1 million to 100 million searches a month!! That is a lot of searches. You need to tailor your keywords to your page. For example, instead of photography use the word artistic if it resembles that avenue of photography. Another example is that the term “photographer” gets 100,000 to 1,000,000 searches per month so add a descriptor in front of the term photographer to make the ranking increase.

You also need to make your page relevant outside of keywords. An interesting website to analyze is a wedding page. The url is simple “harlowbliss.com.” However the title tag is interesting.

Let’s have a look:


As you can see it says: Harlow Bliss Photography. However, this a wedding photography page so the likelihood of finding this page if somebody types in wedding photography is slim. This company needs to add “wedding” to the title tag.

Looking at the header tag:


Again, it correlates very nicely with the URL, but there is no wedding terminology. It is important to note that the words inside a header tag receive more wait in the relevance calculation. Add the word wedding and they are golden!

The overall  content of this page is pretty clear. Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 11.43.38 AM.png

You have the four crystal clear categories. The website is in pretty good shape content wise. However, under categories it mentions “seniors,” which really is not the big purpose of the photography company if you look at the front page above.

Here are the categories:

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 11.46.08 AM.png

This can confuse the calculations and hurt relevance because they have added a third “non-relevant” category. The main purpose of the company should be re-considered, but that is not up for us to decide.

The main point to focus on is this……the url is clear, the title tag needs the term “wedding” added on and the header tag needs a more concise description. These small changes will help with SEO ranking.

For further reference, check out this article.


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