Shoot for the Top

Being the best; the cream of the crop, the top notch job candidate. That is what you can be on LinkedIn. Not only is it a social media site, it is the best networking site on the internet today. It provides jobs and internships to people all across the country.

The profile is the most important part of LinkedIn. It is essentially  how you connect with others. It needs be appealing, accurate and accessible to all. For your viewing, my profile can be viewed here.

Forbes wrote a tremendous article on how to use LinkedIn. In the sense of a brief overview they describe the site as avoiding an awkward networking event. LinkedIn does not have face to face contact, but is great for jumping career success. Step number one is making a profile that can be “findable.” If a potential employer cannot find you, then the odds of connecting decrease dramatically. LinkedIn can also be used as an “extended resume.” You can add so much to LinkedIn which can help you when applying to jobs and career searching.


Personally, for my profile; my background is enrollment marketing. To my viewers, it has been something I have been passionate and been doing for 4 years. I want to show my passion for higher education. Be yourself and describe yourself naturally on your profile. What I did on my profile was have an extended intro. Putting just a sentence may seem simple and easy, but it doesn’t describe who I am and what I have done in my life. I want to market myself as best as possible and listing my accomplishments and goals is important for me to tell people who are looking at my profile.

Since I go to Siena, I put that as my education making sure viewers know that I have a degree from the institute and that the degree is in marketing. I also wanted to make sure I put all my experience down and to show all the great goals I have achieved while carrying various jobs. I want to show that I can balance a lot and still succeed. This marketing technique I believe is what will set me apart on the job market.

Just like in the introduction of myself I made sure to detail out what duties I held at each job. This is basically my extended resume. I want to make sure people know exactly what I did. This will help them get a better understanding of what I have done.

The main section I wanted to focus on other than my education and the fact I will have a degree is the volunteer experience. I want to make sure I display the best of what I have done and that I am consistent with following my passions. The Senate is where I had a majority of my successes. This is my main selling point, showing I can work in a team, can meet deadlines and can prove to people collaboration and policies work for the better of people.

LinkedIn has been my main focal point as I head off into the real world as I graduate in May. I use it everyday and everyone should use it daily. Whether it be minor adjustments are a big successful announcement. Feel free to add or connect with me.


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