Shoot for the Top

Being the best; the cream of the crop, the top notch job candidate. That is what you can be on LinkedIn. Not only is it a social media site, it is the best networking site on the internet today. It provides jobs and internships to people all across the country. The profile is the most important part of LinkedIn. It is essentially ¬†how you connect with others. It needs be appealing, accurate and accessible to all. For your viewing, my profile can be viewed here. Forbes wrote a tremendous article on how to use LinkedIn. In the sense of a … Continue reading Shoot for the Top

Emails That Aren’t So Bad….Is This Really True??

Emails That Aren’t So Bad….Is This Really True?? Yes it is true. Emails can indeed be a good thing, especially for consumers. We all get the spam emails and the junk mail from people we have no idea who they are. Especially people in the photography business. Different artists and photographers are always trying to sell us new equipment and gear from random websites we have never heard of before. Even though I am big into photography I also love cable television which makes Time Warner, now Spectrum (but Tim Warner for the sense of this blog) a frequent member … Continue reading Emails That Aren’t So Bad….Is This Really True??